The Tipping Point (podcast)

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These are troubling times of great concern for Christians: our current political culture seems on a mission to eradicate religious freedom, open our borders, advocate for abortion, skyrocket our national debt, indoctrinate our children, and champion the cause of the LGBTQ + agenda. Many have battled with hope deferred, and that has made their heart sick.

The Afghanistan debacle is just one tragic example among many where the current administration has apparently mishandled and dishonored our great war fighters and allies. Also troubling are government mandates for Covid vaccination. Many feel that such mandates are unethical, un-Constitutional, and un-American.

So where does this all fit in to end time prophecy? One of the voices I have chosen to hear during this unprecedented time is Jimmy Evans’ Tipping Point podcast.

Jimmy Evans has been pastoring, preaching, teaching, and writing books about end time prophecy for over four decades. He and his wife Karen lead the XO Marriage network, which I will feature in another email.

Jimmy’s The Tipping Point podcast is tops on my personal playlist for correlating end time prophecy with political activities globally and in the USA.

I cannot recommend it more highly.

The tipping point podcast

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