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Virtual Groups

MVM offers several Virtual Group options for you to join online studies & discussions from your device on your time schedule. Many are co-ed so everybody is welcome and it’s safe for the whole family.

The Inner Circle

The 21-Day Challenge is a fast track to build relationships with men. It is creatively designed; and field tested and proven over many years. . It involves a minimum of time (only three weeks), and so neutralizes commitment anxiety.

The Freedom Summit

The Freedom Summit applies the power of the cross of Jesus Christ to produce irreversible change in your life and help you to become free, filled, healed, and whole again.

The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project is a turnkey solution to lead a small group through a Freedom Summit whether on-site or off-site, whether in-person or virtual.

The Man Journey

The Man Journey is a 7-Step Roadmap to initiate your son into biblical manhood in 30 days.

My Journey

My Journey Discipleship Experience is a fun, turnkey, 6-level life development plan built on the innovative 21-Day Challenge framework. My Journey is designed to help men move forward in their faith, fitness, family, and finances.

The Challenge Series

The Challenge Series is a wildly fresh approach to discipleship using a time-based sequence of challenge

The Challenge Strategy

The Challenge Strategy has a solid track record of helping to produce fully developing followers of Jesus that stay connected in community long-ter

MVM Master Classes

MVM Master Classes offer short, real-world “how to” solutions from a Christian worldview. We provide instruction videos, cheat sheets, step-by-step directions, and templates you can easily personalize.


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