Mission-Focused Men for Christ

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Here’s a Life-Changing Podcast to Build Self-Motivated Disciples. For me, it’s one that I not only listen to each week, but I categorize Gary Yagel’s content in Evernote for instant access later.


– EQUIPS men to better understand from Scripture what their mission is

– ENCOURAGES men because we fail so much

– ENERGIZES men because our spiritual tank is often on “E”

EMPOWERS men to stay focused on honoring Christ with their lives

The Mission Focused Men for Christ discipleship material was developed over 25 years in Gary Yagel’s life, taught to Marine Corps officers at Quantico through Officers Christian Fellowship, and shared in seminar form at the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly and with thousands of Bible-believing men across the country. It is biblically based, grace-centered, kingdom-focused, application-oriented, and encouragement-driven. Best of all, it fits into men’s busy lives because it is right on their phones.




Listening to Mission Focused Men for Christ (A Practice That Turns Our Heart to Christ): https://www.buzzsprout.com/530077/9584706-a-practice-that-turns-our-heart-to-christ.mp3

Episode Summary. This episode is about a specific attitude that is so simple to understand that most of us have never given it much thought—yet its practice has enormous power to draw our hearts continually towards Jesus. And that is what this new series is about: “A Closer Walk with Jesus.”

 For Further rayerful Thought:

1. Why would the practice of giving thanks work to warm your heart towards Jesus like the practice of turning up the thermostat of your home.

2. In what ways does it make sense or not make sense that an unwillingness to give thanks to God is one of two roots of sin?

3 Which benefits of radical gratitude stood out most to you?

Your Virtual Mentor,


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