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Man, to see the impact that the Summit has had on my life, and my family, and my friendships, and my work…I don’t even want to begin thinking about what it would be like without that encounter.

Joe Rouse

I was crippled in a number of ways by a “father wound.” I had received “first aid” through a Christian counselor, but the Freedom Summit provided deeper healing for me. It also gave me tools to use in order to keep the freedom that I had won. The teachings at the Summit were thorough and solidly Scriptural. I found the Spiritual Profile that I filled out to be an eye-opener: I never knew that there were so many subtle ways that the enemy can get in, give us sorrow, and stunt our spiritual growth. I recommend that every man who is serious about his commitment to Christ invest the relatively small amount of time and effort required to complete the Freedom Summit.

Bill Rawnsley

The rewards of the Freedom Summit  are simply unknown in quantifiable ways. Sure we have numbers and testimonies but the seeds of complete LOVE are tough to know. For sure the trust you have in Our Heavenly Father, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit has reached new lengths, depths, widths, and heights. David, some of the best teaching I have heard on freedom in Christ. I found the Summit relaxing.

David Fullerton

Freedom. Can I really have it? Do I have what it takes to achieve it? Do I really deserve it? Another program, another conference, another sermon to bring in guilt and shame of my failures. Those are the thoughts I struggled with when I thought of a Freedom Summit. The results? Healing from the wounds, breaking the bondage, forgiving those who wounded me, bringing it to the cross and leaving it there with the One and only who paid the price for my freedom – Jesus Christ.

Jason Ford

Hello men! I want to fully endorse and give a big shout out to David Robertson and the Freedom Summit. The teachings in this online freedom experience will spiritually strengthen you, bring heart healing and challenge you to be the man Gods called you to be! If you want to grow more in your walk with God, I encourage you to check this Summit out!

Shane Pearcy

I believe whole heartedly that the Freedom Summit was a catalyst to my current faith walk with Jesus. I remember vividly how when I registered for the Freedom Summit, I was hungry for the Lord to do some things in my life. As I worked through the sessions, I continued to feel strongholds release off of me. Anger, doubt, unworthiness and the biggest was unforgiveness, I left the Summit with a fresh peace and a desire to stay connected with other godly men. Thank you, David, for your investment into my soul.

Joey Jonson

The freedom summit was life altering. It helped me realize the struggles I had placed in my own life and the wounds from others that I hadn’t quite let go of. I thank God for David and the Freedom Summit because it helped me to see light in the dark places.