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Do you want to jump-start spiritual growth in your life?

But you're just not sure where to start

That's why we created...

Your Personal GPS for
Powerful Spiritual Growth

My Journey Discipleship Experience is an interactive map for your best spiritual growth year ever. This year-long, virtual mentoring experience is a powerful tool to jump start positive change in your life using our unique 21-Day Challenge framework to lead you step-by-step through six levels of spiritual growth.

If you’re ready to start your journey of spiritual growth, this interactive map will take you through six levels of Discipleship and help you to deeper in your relationship with God.

Through the 21-Day Challenge framework, you will learn, reflect, and apply God’s Word in a personal, practical way.

As you move through each level, you’ll develop greater spiritual stamina and lasting transformation.

This is exactly where MVM can turbocharge your spiritual growth.

That, my friend, is exactly what My Journey can do for you! My Journey provides an online discipleship experience all from the convenience of your mobile device. The best part is having a virtual mentor who knows the way forward in your faith, family, fitness, and finances.



for you if.....

meet your virtual mentor

David Robertson is the Founder of My Virtual Mentor, and creator of the My Journey online discipleship experience. He is a licensed minister and has been teaching the Bible for over thirty years.  David has led hundreds of men through various types of 21-Day Challenges to help facilitate life transformation. David currently resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and is happily married to his beautiful wife Monica. Together they have one adult daughter, Abigail Grace.

What's Inside of

A 21-Day Challenge is a proven tool to jump start positive change in your life. If you agree that it’s time to become a better version of yourself, envision twenty-one days to a new and improved you. Our unique menu of faith-based 21-Day Challenge is offered exclusively at My Virtual Mentor.

My Journey is a 12-month map to your best spiritual growth year ever. Everything is mapped out for you. All you need to do is start.

Each Challenge features five assignments per week for three weeks for a total of fifteen. My Journey is SELF-PACED and ANYTIME is the BEST time to start a Challenge! They can begin any day of the month, and twenty-one days later you’re done and can move on to the next Challenge. Best practices suggest completing the five assignments Monday through Friday and use weekends to catch-up or make-up any missed work. However, you can feel free to use any  schedule that works best for you.

MVM places a high priority on guarding your family time, serving at your local church, and respecting other commitments. We designed each Challenge for any man working 50+ hours per week, or a single dad with small children. We figured, if we can make it work for this guy, then the rest of us have a chance of pulling it off!






Must complete 1 Challenge to advance.

Together we will start to create positive change in your life by filtering out the the  trivial to the essential things that will accelerate your life forward.  For 21 consecutive days, we will focus our energy on improving ONE  vital relationship, strengthening TWO emerging habits, and completing THREE special projects. In week ONE we will start strong, in week TWO we will stay strong, and in week THREE we will finish strong.





Locating where you are and where God wants you to be

Must complete 1 Challenge to advance.

In this Challenge Level, each man will choose one of the four available challenges depending on where he believes he is on his spiritual journey. MVM avoids a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all discipleship approach. We have customized and personalized every Challenge to match the season of life you feel you are in. So then,  it is not necessary to take more than one Challenge at this Level because you are generally in only one season at a time. Make sense?

The four Challenges below are based on four types of men in four different seasons of life. Select which diagnostic statement best identifies you and then complete that Challenge to advance to the next Level.

Choose one (1) Challenge from the menu to advance to the next Level. Challenges at this level include:





Becoming a fully developing follower of Jesus

Must complete 3 Challenges to advance.

This Challenge Level is all about nailing your spiritual disciplines. Discipleship separates the men from the boys. The My Discipleship Level  provides you with a menu of options to choose from to help initiate new habits in a highly functioning disciple of Jesus.  If you’ve ever struggle with how to establish a daily time with God, we’ve got your covered. This Level will be a game-changer for you! You will fortify the disciplines that will build spiritual momentum to power through every obstacle that life throws at you.

Choose three (3) Challenges from the menu to advance to the next Level. Challenges at this level include:





Learning to Live the Balanced Blessed Life

Must complete 3 Challenges to advance.

The My Life Challenge Level offers nuts & bolts devotions, resources, and practical wisdom for the key domains of life every man experiences every day. Managing all the roles, responsibilities, and routines take energy and skill. The My Life Level helps any man become a better husband, father, employee, friend, or leader. Here you can develop yourself, mentor a friend, or build your team using our 21-Day Challenge framework to move ahead further faster.

Choose three (3) Challenges from the menu to advance to the next Level.




My Manhood

Becoming a model, kingdom, and courageous man

Must complete 3 Challenges to advance.

There is a vast difference between being male and a man of God. The My Manhood Level leads you on a manhood journey to discover what it means to become a model man, a kingdom man, and a courageous man. Chocked full of high-impact content, you will receive a ton of ideas, resources, and life hacks to become the kind of man that those who you love that love you need you to be. 

Complete all three (3) Challenges to advance to the final Level. 




My Legacy

Paying it ForWard

Must complete 1 Challenges to advance.

Men are busy and living life at full speed. The demanding pace can be like trying to pass the baton in a relay race off to your teammate. If any team member drops the baton, the team is disqualified. Passing on your faith before you pass away is critical. This final challenge help you to engage, equip, encourage, and empower the next generation.

The final Challenge includes:

here's what's inside

the community....

When you enroll in My Journey you’re not just getting an online discipleship experience, you’re joining a brotherhood. You can lock shields with men of faith who are on the same spiritual journey as you. Here are benefits you can expect:

The Investment


6 Challenges

Every Christian Man

Must Conquer

Leveling Up to a New & Improved You

TOP 7 FAQ’S that others have asked

before enrolling...

We designed My Journey for incredibly busy men. The daily assignments typically take 30-40 minutes max plus we built in free days to catch up.

Google search results can be overwhelming. My Journey is a proven plan of outstanding content delivered using best practies to save you time. More content is not what you need, you need community, and MVM provides a solid network of godly men committed to living godly lives. What could be more important to invest in than your own spiritual life?

Yes. No contracts ever. Cancel any time.

Absolutely. My Journey works best when used in a small men’s group.

I have personally taken hundreds of men on this journey and have witnessed first-hand a significant transformation in their family life, sexual integrity, and most importantly in their relationship with God.

My Journey combines a Bible-based curriculum with a Christ-centered community of men and is designed to expedite your spiritual growth over a 12-month period through a series of 21-Day Challenges tailored to growth your faith. To our knowledge, there is no other Challenge-based discipleship program designed for men that accomplishes this.

Yes. Today is the best day to begin your first Challenge. Although My Journey provides solid community of godly me you can connect with, the program is self-paced and designed for you to start and finish within 12 months. l.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Take our getting started 21-Day Challenge – the My Launch Challenge – and complete it within one month. If you don’t LOVE it, get 100% of your money back. There’s nothing to lose.

Reignite your passion for Jesus!
Reboot your spiritual life!
Re-energize your daily rituals!
Resist the devil to go passive!
Regain your focus!

If you’re ready to retrain your brain, regain your confidence, and renew your mind through the Word of God, then let the revolution begin! View Refund Policy

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