How to Lead Your Own Virtual 21-Day Challenge

A step-by-step guide to successfully launch your own online group.

All the heavy-lifting has been done for you with the field tested, turnkey, and ready-to-use My Launch Challenge designed by My Virtual Mentor.

This Master Class is a must if you want to get answers to questions like these

What can my small group do that will be a sure-fire win?

My guys are so busy, is there something that is brief but powerful?

How do I help my brothers jump start positive change in their lives?

How can I introduce my group to great content that will transform them?

Is there a way to leverage technology to our spiritual advantage?

How can I help my men to create habits & systems to grow spiritually?

Whether You’re Starting From Scratch or You’ve Been at This a While

Recruit a buddy or a bunch of guys to join you the 1st of next month for 21 days to a new & improved version of you and your online group.

In this free Master Class, you will learn how to…


What Men Are Saying About the

21-Day Challenge

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After leading hundreds of men through 21-Day Challenges, I can confidently report that these 3-week challenges literally are a power tool to jump start positive change!

I’ve been in ministry for over 35 years at this point, and these 21-Day Challenges have had more traction and produced more lasting fruit than nearly anything I’ve done before working with men.

This is why I am so eager to put this free power tool in your hands so that you can lead your own group through a 21-Day Challenge.  Once you and your group have completed this challenge,  there are actually 5 more levels of 21-Day Challenges available.

It’s time to grow somewhere on purpose, and to do so in a way that totally works with every man’s busy lifestyle!

No more excuses! Let’s lead men to go further faster in their faith in Jesus Christ


Your Virtual Mentor,






Lead Your Own Virtual 21-Day Challenge

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